2014 April Vol X – 1

2014 April

Vol. X- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1 Tracker Poll Survey : Preliminary Trends in 16th Lok Sabha Election In Punjab Dr. Jagrup Singh Sekhon

Baljit singh

2 Struggle for Emancipation of Women in Afghanistan: Role of NGOs Dr. P Moorthy

Muzammil Ahad Dar

3 Why our Protests Not Revolutionize –Three Hypotheses of Social Movements Policies Sheds in the Brazilian Context Wellington Amancio da Silva
4 Kudos for India’s Foreign Policy D. K. Sud
5 India’s response to Terrorist Strategies Dr. Neeru Sharma
6 Human Rights: A Gender Perspective Dr. Shriram Yerankar
7 Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: A Messiah of the Dalits Suman Gupta
8 Positive Discrimination and Political Empowerment of the Scheduled Castes: An Analysis Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra
9 Identity Quest in Akali Demand for State Autonomy Sukhjit Singh
10 Development of Reservation Policy in Punjab: Focus on the other Backward Classes Pawan Kumar
11 Lahore’s Proud Son –Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia Manraj Singh