2013 November Vol IX – 2

2013 November

Vol. IX- 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1. Ch`ondogyo, An Avant- Garde Ideology of Korea : A Historical and Comparative Pesperitive Dr. Brahm Swaroop Agrawal
2.        Fiscal Management in Punjab : prospects and Challenges Dr. Rajbir Singh dalal

Dr. Neena Chugh

3.        Pakistan`s Proxy War Strategy in Kashmir: Background and Support Structure Dr. Emanual Nahar

Kanwar Deep Singh

4.        Delivery of Social Service in the era of E-Governance : Road Ahead for Making Hoi- Polloi as Steel frame Dr. Vishnu Bhagwan
5.        Liberal Education – Its Ramification Dr. Devinder Singh
6.        Bhagat Singh`s Revolutionary Ideology: Genesis and growth Dr. Rajinder Kumar
7.        Caste Violence  in Haryana: A predicament of Dalit Women Dr. Rajan Sharma
8.        New Terrorism in Indian Context Nitin Pangotrai
9.        Globalization & Indian`s Foreign Policy: Challenges & Opportunities Amit Behal
10.    Human Rights of Equality & Health : Role of State and Citizens Astha Saini
11.    Good Governance in India : An Analysis Dr. Dinesh Arora
12.    Exploring the Potential of Indo- Russian Strategic Relationship Dr. Mohammad Samir Hussain
13.    The Status of Shamlat land in the Gurdaspur Distric: Notes from the Field Suraj thapa
14.    Middle Way Approach : Perceptions of old Tibetans and Young Tibetans Refugees Richa
15.    Middle class Consumerism and Sustainable Development Khushboo Mahajan
16.    Book Review Rajinder kaur