2013 April Vol IX – 1

2013 April

Vol. IX- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1 Towards ‘New Sustainable Development Order’ in the 21st Century Dr. P.Moorthy
2 Pangs of Proximity: Indo – Bangladesh Relation Dr. Santishree. D. Pandit

Dr. Rimli Basu

3 China – Myanmar Relations : An Overview Dr. Bijay K. Barnwal
4 China`s Growing Influence in India1s Neighbourhood Dr. Gurnam Chand
5 Violence Against Women Dr.  Josheph Benjamin
6 Changing Socialisation Pattern and Adjustment Problem of Elderly: A Sociological Analysis Dr. Anupam Bahri
7 Hopes in Lowest EBB : The Relevance of Vinoba`s Moral Philosophy Dr. Nagappa Gowda K.
8 Ethieo – Legal Regime of Human Rights D.K. Sud
9 Political Dynamics of Ethnic Conflicts & Peace Accords in India`s North  East Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra
10 Administrative Culture in India : An Analysis Mouneshwarn Srinivasrao
11 Violence against Women with Disabilities Dr. Amandeep Kaur
12 Coalition Politics and the Office of : Prime Minister of India Dr. Dinesh Arora
13 Cyber Crimes against Women in india Shubhika Mehra