2012 November Vol VIII – 2

2012 November

Vol. VIII- 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      The United States as a Defective Democracy Dr. john Dreijmanis
2.        Human Rights and Terrorism: A  Perspective Dr. Sukhwant S. Bindra
3.        US withdrawal from Afghanistan: Implications For India Dr. Kulwant Kaur

Dileep Kumar

4.        Education and Women Empowerment: A Study of State of Haryana Dr. Rajbir Singh Dalal
5.        Challenges and Opportunities in MGNREGA Dr. Midatala Rani Purushothamakumara LE
6.        Lala Lajput Rai and Deen Dayal Upadhyay’s Views on Education Dr. Arun Mehra
7.        A study of factors Affecting Education of Denotified Communities in India Dr. Malli Gandhi
8.        Role of Speaker of Punjab Legislative Assembly 2002-2007: An Analysis Dr. Geetinder Kaur

Jatinder Kumar

9.        Emerging Power of Centrifugal Forces in Indian Polity Dr. Mridula Sharda

Tara Negi

10.    Growing Water Footprint in Punjab – A Crisis: Causes and Cures Atul Bhalla, et.al
11.    Nature of India party System : An Analysis Lalit Kumar
12.    Human Right and Right to Information: A Study of Global Efforts Neera Rani