2010 April Vol VI – 1

2010 April

Vol. VI- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Central Asia, Major Powers and the Contemporary Global Politics Dr. Kuldip Singh
2.        The Minorities in India and the Role of Education in the Nation Building Dr. Midatala Rani

Santosh K. Peter

3.        Right to Information and Consumer Protection Abhisek Jain,I.A.S.
4.        Reflections on a Democratic Society: The American Experience of B. R. Ambedkar Dr. Navjot
5.        Relation between the British and Kapurthala State (1914-1945) Rakesh Sharma
6.        Panchayti Raj – An Essence for Democratic Decentralization in India Dr. Arushi Jain
7.        Guru Nanak: Emancipator of Women Arvinder Singh
8.        Rural Elected Women Representative: Major Issues and Problems Davinderpal Kaur
9.        Dalit Assertion In Punjab: Role of Addharmis Vinay Kumar
10.    Migrant Laborer and the Working of Police in Ludhiana: A Study Harjit S. Sohal
11.    Social engineering experiment of BSP : A Comparative Study of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab Inder jit Singh
12.    2009 Lok sabha Election In Haryana Sunil Devi