2009 November Vol V – 2

2009 November

Vol. V – 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Towards Poverty free Rural India: New Millennium Perspective Dr. P. Moorthy
2.        Fifteenth Lok Sabha Election 2009: A Mandate For Change Dr. N. S. Gehlot
3.        Mitigation of Distress in Rural Areas A Gandhian Approach Dr. Surya Parkasa Rao


4.        Old And New Threats : The Changing Nature Of International Security Mahdi Mohammad Nia
5.        The Development Crises : Documenting A Case for Environmental Ethics Wasudha Bhatt
6.        Decentralized Governance and Grass root Democracy  : The Experience of Karnataka Rama Krishna V.
7.        Empowering Women In India – Some Issue and Options Babita