2008 April Vol IV – 1

2008 April

Vol. IV- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Foundations of Indo – Korean Solidatarity : Historical and Cultural Affinities between the Two Ancient Civililization of Asia Dr. Brahm Swaroop Agarwal
2.        Feminism and Multiculturalism : Reflection on Politics of Difference Triranjan Raj

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

3.        Relevance of United Nations in Today`s Global Situations Dr. Midatala Rani
4.        Good Governance : Human Rights Perspective Dr. Navtej Kaur
5.        Debate on Tradition and Modernity Dr. Nagappa Gowda K
6.        Socio- Legal Study of Cultural and Educational Rights Sr. Sunil Khosla
7.        Globalization : Some Social implications Bharvinder Kaur
8.        Women`s Rights: An Analysis with Special Reference to Domestic Violence Harvinder Kaur Dhillon

Dr. Rupam Jagota

9.        Role and Rationale of all India Services Under Indian Republic Binny Preet
10.    Thermal Power Plans v/s Environmental Movements in Costal Karnataka M. K. Hareesha