2009 April Vol V – 1

2009 April

Vol. V- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Communalism and Indian Democracy Dr. Arun K. Jana
2.        Good Governance and Capacity Building for Municipal bodies In Haryana :  A Study Dr. Rajesh Kumar
3.        Dalit Movement and Social Change Dr. Shindhe Jaganath R.

Valmiki Ramakrishan

4.        Current Debate on The Politics  and the Practice of Reservation Policy Dr. Joginder Singh Saklani
5.        Coalition Government : A Formative Phase 1996-1998 Dr. Dinesh arora
6.        Dignity of The Individual and Vivekanand`s Concept of Education Seema Arora
7.        Crises in Punjab agriculture :  A Brief Note Ritu Khosla
8.        Female Feticides In Punjab : Causes and Consequences Amandip Kaur



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2008 November Vol IV – 2

2008 November

Vol. IV – 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Indian Judiciary System : Need For Reforms Dr. Mohinder Singh

Rajiv Kumar

2.        The Actual Facts of Sino-Tibetan Relations : A Historical And Geo-Political Prospective Dr. Brahm Swaroop Aggarwal
3.        Menace of Child labour In Haryana : An Assessment Dr. Manjusha Sharma

C. B. Saini

4.        Motivation, Transactional Style and personal Effectiveness of teachers Dr. Pardeep Sachdeva

Garima Pant

5.        Consumer Protection in The Context of Medical negligence Dr. Pushpinder Kaur Dhillon
6.        Bureaucracy : Flaws in its Functioning Rajbans Singh Gill
7.        Philosophy of Guru Nanak : A Study In Social Change and Modernization Pooja Sharma
8.        Civilian Control over Military : Economic, Ideological, Cultural and International Variable Vinay Girotra


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2008 April Vol IV – 1

2008 April

Vol. IV- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Foundations of Indo – Korean Solidatarity : Historical and Cultural Affinities between the Two Ancient Civililization of Asia Dr. Brahm Swaroop Agarwal
2.        Feminism and Multiculturalism : Reflection on Politics of Difference Triranjan Raj

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

3.        Relevance of United Nations in Today`s Global Situations Dr. Midatala Rani
4.        Good Governance : Human Rights Perspective Dr. Navtej Kaur
5.        Debate on Tradition and Modernity Dr. Nagappa Gowda K
6.        Socio- Legal Study of Cultural and Educational Rights Sr. Sunil Khosla
7.        Globalization : Some Social implications Bharvinder Kaur
8.        Women`s Rights: An Analysis with Special Reference to Domestic Violence Harvinder Kaur Dhillon

Dr. Rupam Jagota

9.        Role and Rationale of all India Services Under Indian Republic Binny Preet
10.    Thermal Power Plans v/s Environmental Movements in Costal Karnataka M. K. Hareesha



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2007 November Vol III – 2

2007 November

Vol. III – 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Multicultural Discoure In Political Science Dr. Madhurendra Kumar

Dr. Sanjeev K. Sharma

2.        Nehru and World Peace Dr. Suneera Kapoor

Rajesh kumar

3.        Changing Security paradigm and Regional Co-operation : Prospect for Indo-Pak Conflict Resolution Dr. Manju Verma

Dr. Jasvir Singh

4.        Gandhi`s Concept of Ahimsa Dr. Navtej Kaur
5.        India`s Palestine Policy : Changing Prospective Kamal Kishre Attri
6.        Security Considerations In India`s Central Asia Policy Sarbjot Kaur
7.        Urban Governance and the Role of urban Local Bodies Ashvani Roy A.S.
8.        Concept of Nation Building in National And International Perspective Sadia Nazish


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2007 April Vol III – 1

2007 April

Vol. III- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Federal Framework and Ethno Nationalism In Northeast India Dr. S. S. Tiwana
2.        Reservation : The Key Issue Dr. Vijay Sharma
3.        Human Development and Knowledge Economy Today Dr. P. Moorthy
4.        Betrayal of Chakmas S. M. Gupta
5.        Right to Information : A step towards Good Governance Dr. Ranjit Singh
6.        The Other Gender`s Human Rights to Education : An International and National prospective Dr. Aman A. Cheema

Ashish Virk

7.        Lokpal in Punjab : Legislative Framework Dr. B. B. Sharma



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2006 November Vol II – 2

2006 November

Vol. II – 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      The Lower Cast and the Globalization –  Imperative : Rethinking The National Project Harish K. Puri
2.        The BJP and The Politics Of Hindutva Arun K. Jana
3.        Education through Tribal languages In Andra Pradesh : Issues and Projects Dr. Midatla Rani
4.        Secularism Reexamined Naidu Ashok
5.        India and Bhutan S.M. Gupta
6.        Democracy at grassroots Level –  Rajiv Gandhi’s Vision Dr. Usha Kapoor
7.        Right to Information Suhas V. Patil
8.        Human Rights In Punjab: Role Of NGOs Dr. Raj Kumar
9.        A Book Review Davinder Pal Kaur


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2006 February Vol II – 1

2006 February

Vol. II- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Linkages of Democracy, Terrorism and Media Sanjeeeev Kumar Sharma
2.        Rural Development and Responsive Administration in India Rajbhir Singh Dalal
3.        Sikkim Before and After Merger S.M.Gupta
4.        India – Canada Nuclear Relationship: A Review R. Murugaiah

Shankaram Kumar Reout

5.        Political Communication in the age of Globalization Simaran Siddu
6.        Nature of Coalition Politics at the Centre Dinesh Arora
7.        Politics In U.P.: Opportunities as an operational Strategies Sanjeda warsi
8.        Book Review Madhu Parmar



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2005 September Vol I – 2

2005 September

Vol. I – 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Civil Services Reforms in India : A Critique S.S.Tiwana
2.        United Nation And Nuclear Terrorism : Some Dimensions Sukhwant S. Bindra
3.        Regionalism and Separatism : Punjab Experience Jagroop S. Shiekhon
4.        Promotion of Human Rights Today: Problems and Prospects P. Moorthy
5.        Indo – China Relations : Changing Perspective Ashwani Sharma
6.        Terrorism and Kashmir Tanya Mohan


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2005 February Vol  I – 1

2006 February

Vol. I – 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Lok Sabha Election 2004 In Rajasthan : Some New Trends Dr. N.S. Galhot
2.        The Language Problems In India Midatla Rani
3.        Political Culture : A Morphological Analysis Mohammad Abid
4.        Coalition Government In India : A Critique of Prevalent Theories Dr. Vijay Kumar Malhotra
5.        Major Contemporary Issues Of Electoral Reforms : A Reflection Dr. Parvathy A. A.
6.        European Union at 25 : Roadblocks Ahead Preety Singh
7.        Book Review Dinesh Arora



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