2014 April Vol X – 1

2014 April

Vol. X- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1 Tracker Poll Survey : Preliminary Trends in 16th Lok Sabha Election In Punjab Dr. Jagrup Singh Sekhon

Baljit singh

2 Struggle for Emancipation of Women in Afghanistan: Role of NGOs Dr. P Moorthy

Muzammil Ahad Dar

3 Why our Protests Not Revolutionize –Three Hypotheses of Social Movements Policies Sheds in the Brazilian Context Wellington Amancio da Silva
4 Kudos for India’s Foreign Policy D. K. Sud
5 India’s response to Terrorist Strategies Dr. Neeru Sharma
6 Human Rights: A Gender Perspective Dr. Shriram Yerankar
7 Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: A Messiah of the Dalits Suman Gupta
8 Positive Discrimination and Political Empowerment of the Scheduled Castes: An Analysis Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra
9 Identity Quest in Akali Demand for State Autonomy Sukhjit Singh
10 Development of Reservation Policy in Punjab: Focus on the other Backward Classes Pawan Kumar
11 Lahore’s Proud Son –Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia Manraj Singh


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2013 November Vol IX – 2

2013 November

Vol. IX- 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1. Ch`ondogyo, An Avant- Garde Ideology of Korea : A Historical and Comparative Pesperitive Dr. Brahm Swaroop Agrawal
2.        Fiscal Management in Punjab : prospects and Challenges Dr. Rajbir Singh dalal

Dr. Neena Chugh

3.        Pakistan`s Proxy War Strategy in Kashmir: Background and Support Structure Dr. Emanual Nahar

Kanwar Deep Singh

4.        Delivery of Social Service in the era of E-Governance : Road Ahead for Making Hoi- Polloi as Steel frame Dr. Vishnu Bhagwan
5.        Liberal Education – Its Ramification Dr. Devinder Singh
6.        Bhagat Singh`s Revolutionary Ideology: Genesis and growth Dr. Rajinder Kumar
7.        Caste Violence  in Haryana: A predicament of Dalit Women Dr. Rajan Sharma
8.        New Terrorism in Indian Context Nitin Pangotrai
9.        Globalization & Indian`s Foreign Policy: Challenges & Opportunities Amit Behal
10.    Human Rights of Equality & Health : Role of State and Citizens Astha Saini
11.    Good Governance in India : An Analysis Dr. Dinesh Arora
12.    Exploring the Potential of Indo- Russian Strategic Relationship Dr. Mohammad Samir Hussain
13.    The Status of Shamlat land in the Gurdaspur Distric: Notes from the Field Suraj thapa
14.    Middle Way Approach : Perceptions of old Tibetans and Young Tibetans Refugees Richa
15.    Middle class Consumerism and Sustainable Development Khushboo Mahajan
16.    Book Review Rajinder kaur



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2013 April Vol IX – 1

2013 April

Vol. IX- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1 Towards ‘New Sustainable Development Order’ in the 21st Century Dr. P.Moorthy
2 Pangs of Proximity: Indo – Bangladesh Relation Dr. Santishree. D. Pandit

Dr. Rimli Basu

3 China – Myanmar Relations : An Overview Dr. Bijay K. Barnwal
4 China`s Growing Influence in India1s Neighbourhood Dr. Gurnam Chand
5 Violence Against Women Dr.  Josheph Benjamin
6 Changing Socialisation Pattern and Adjustment Problem of Elderly: A Sociological Analysis Dr. Anupam Bahri
7 Hopes in Lowest EBB : The Relevance of Vinoba`s Moral Philosophy Dr. Nagappa Gowda K.
8 Ethieo – Legal Regime of Human Rights D.K. Sud
9 Political Dynamics of Ethnic Conflicts & Peace Accords in India`s North  East Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra
10 Administrative Culture in India : An Analysis Mouneshwarn Srinivasrao
11 Violence against Women with Disabilities Dr. Amandeep Kaur
12 Coalition Politics and the Office of : Prime Minister of India Dr. Dinesh Arora
13 Cyber Crimes against Women in india Shubhika Mehra


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2012 November Vol VIII – 2

2012 November

Vol. VIII- 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      The United States as a Defective Democracy Dr. john Dreijmanis
2.        Human Rights and Terrorism: A  Perspective Dr. Sukhwant S. Bindra
3.        US withdrawal from Afghanistan: Implications For India Dr. Kulwant Kaur

Dileep Kumar

4.        Education and Women Empowerment: A Study of State of Haryana Dr. Rajbir Singh Dalal
5.        Challenges and Opportunities in MGNREGA Dr. Midatala Rani Purushothamakumara LE
6.        Lala Lajput Rai and Deen Dayal Upadhyay’s Views on Education Dr. Arun Mehra
7.        A study of factors Affecting Education of Denotified Communities in India Dr. Malli Gandhi
8.        Role of Speaker of Punjab Legislative Assembly 2002-2007: An Analysis Dr. Geetinder Kaur

Jatinder Kumar

9.        Emerging Power of Centrifugal Forces in Indian Polity Dr. Mridula Sharda

Tara Negi

10.    Growing Water Footprint in Punjab – A Crisis: Causes and Cures Atul Bhalla, et.al
11.    Nature of India party System : An Analysis Lalit Kumar
12.    Human Right and Right to Information: A Study of Global Efforts Neera Rani




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2012 April Vol VIII – 1

2012 April

Vol. VIII- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Contemporary Relevance of Nehruvian Principles on world Peace Dr. P. Moorthy
2.        National Interest and International cooperation : The Security Dilemma and Drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle Dr. Santishree D. Pandit

Dr. Rimli Basu

3.        Human Society of the Present and Earlier ages: Challenges, Responses and Predicaments Dr. Brahm Swaroop Agarwal
4.        Challenges before National Integration and communal harmony in India: A study of Student`s Perceptions  Renu

Sarbjit Singh

5.        Impact of NREGA on Women : A Pilot Study Dr. Joyati bhatacharya
6.        Special Economic Zones In India: An Overview Dr. Emanual Nahar

Manish Kumar

7.        Human Rights in India – An analysis Dr. Devinder Singh
8.        Reservation and Rights to Equality Dr. Kuwar Vijay Pratap Singh
9.        Gandhian Perspective: A Silver Lining on Educational Landscape Vanila
10.    The Office of Prime Minister During Nehru Regime Dr. Dinesh Arora
11.    Fourth Delimitation Commission : The Emergent Issue Rittu Khosla
12.    Role of Judiciary in Protecting the Human Rights of Prisoners in India Kamla
13.    Role of Panchayats in Rural Development Balvinder kaur



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2011 November Vol VII -2

2011 November

Vol. VII- 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Max Webber`s Psychological typology : Its Implication John Dreijimanis
2.        Human Rights and Directive principles of State Policy Dr. Rajbir Singh Dalal
3.        A home Away from Home: Case Study of old Age Home, Chandigarh Dr. Pawan K. Kumar

Shivani Batra

4.        Social And Cultural Practices Regarding Girl Child: Foeticide4 Dr. Viney Kapoor
5.        Poverty Alleviation and Welfare Schemes in Haryana: A Study Dr. rajesh Kumar
6.        Dr. B.R. Ambedkar- The Messiah of the Downtrodden Dr. Joseph Benjamin
7.        Growing Missile Race between India and Pakistan Security Implication for South Asia Dr. Suresh Dhanda
8.        Evolution of Electoral System and Electoral Politics in Pre-Independence Punjab Dr. Lakhwinder Singh Sidhu

Sumandeep Kaur Punia

9.        Impact of Government of Inclusive Economic Development of a Nation – Some Perspective Abhishek Jain

Arushi Jain

10.    Lingual Sectarian Concerns and Akali Coalitions Dr. Arun Mehra
11.    Right to Information and Good Governance Dr. Sunil Khosla
12.    Extensive Agricultural Activities and Environmental Degradation in Punjab Atul Bhalla

Dr. D. Mehta

Dr. J.S.Shahi

13.    Parliamentary Government and office of Prime Minister : Constituent Assembly`s Perspective Dr. Dinesh Arora
14.    An Assessment of the Anti-Defection Law: Its Loophoies and their Repercussions Supreet Kaur
15.    Indo- U.S. Civil Nuclear Deal and Its Consistency with Hyde Act Kawaljit Kaur
16.    Indo- U.S. Neculear Deal : Truth Behind the Scene Devender Sharma

Ved Prakash Sharma

17.    Conceptual Analysis of Communication Ramandeep Kaur
18.    Book review Rajinder Kaur



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2011 April Vol VII- 1

2011 April

Vol. VII- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Punjab Panchayati  Raj Act, 1994: An Agent of Social Change Dr. Renu
2.        Local Body Polls 2010 in Kerala: UDF Smashes LDF Fortresses Dr. M.R.Biju
3.        Coalitional Politics In Punjab : An Analysis Dr. Arun Mehra
4.        Indigenous Political Institutions: Village Authority Council in Manipur Naga Hills V.S.Sholounii Pou

Dr. Midatla Rani

5.        Public Policy Implementers in India Mouneshware Shrinivasrao
6.        Regionalism: A Challenge to Cooperative Federalism In India Dr.Dinesh Arora
7.        WTO and its Impact on Agriculture Trade Jagdeep Kumar
8.        Criminal Justice Administration In India: An Agenda for reforms Renu Sharma
9.        US , India and Pakistan Relation After 26/11 Mohammad Samir Hussain
10.    Criminalization of Politics: A menace of Indian Democracy Amandeep Kaur
11.    Child Rights : Rhetoric and Reality Sukhpal Kaur
12.    Book Review Dr. N.S. Gehlot



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2010 November Vol VI – 2

2010 November

Vol. VI- 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      General Election In 2009 : An Assembly vise Analysis of Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur Parliamentary  Constituencies Dr. Jagroop Singh Sheikhon

Madan lal

2.        Coalition Government and Politics In Haryana: A Historical Perspective Dr. Rajbir Singh Dalal
3.        Democratic Decentralization and Panchayti Raj Dr. B. Moomin
4.        Indian Police: Past to Present an overview Dr. Raj Kumar
5.        Emerging Trends of State Politics in India : A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh Dr. Mridula Sharda
6.        Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka and Indo- Sri lankan Relation Dr. Joginder Singh Saklani
7.        Right to Information Act : Practice and Possibilities Anoop Kumar
8.        Position of Prime Minister In United Front Coalition Government Dr. Dinesh Arora
9.        Repercussions of vote Bank Chase Mukta Soni
10.    Problem of Child Labour in India : Strategies for its Elimination under 10th and 11th Five Year Plans Ranvinder kaur
11.    Working of the Estimates Committee of Punjab (19912-2007): An Evaluation Harpreet Kaur


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2010 April Vol VI – 1

2010 April

Vol. VI- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Central Asia, Major Powers and the Contemporary Global Politics Dr. Kuldip Singh
2.        The Minorities in India and the Role of Education in the Nation Building Dr. Midatala Rani

Santosh K. Peter

3.        Right to Information and Consumer Protection Abhisek Jain,I.A.S.
4.        Reflections on a Democratic Society: The American Experience of B. R. Ambedkar Dr. Navjot
5.        Relation between the British and Kapurthala State (1914-1945) Rakesh Sharma
6.        Panchayti Raj – An Essence for Democratic Decentralization in India Dr. Arushi Jain
7.        Guru Nanak: Emancipator of Women Arvinder Singh
8.        Rural Elected Women Representative: Major Issues and Problems Davinderpal Kaur
9.        Dalit Assertion In Punjab: Role of Addharmis Vinay Kumar
10.    Migrant Laborer and the Working of Police in Ludhiana: A Study Harjit S. Sohal
11.    Social engineering experiment of BSP : A Comparative Study of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab Inder jit Singh
12.    2009 Lok sabha Election In Haryana Sunil Devi



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2009 November Vol V – 2

2009 November

Vol. V – 2

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Towards Poverty free Rural India: New Millennium Perspective Dr. P. Moorthy
2.        Fifteenth Lok Sabha Election 2009: A Mandate For Change Dr. N. S. Gehlot
3.        Mitigation of Distress in Rural Areas A Gandhian Approach Dr. Surya Parkasa Rao


4.        Old And New Threats : The Changing Nature Of International Security Mahdi Mohammad Nia
5.        The Development Crises : Documenting A Case for Environmental Ethics Wasudha Bhatt
6.        Decentralized Governance and Grass root Democracy  : The Experience of Karnataka Rama Krishna V.
7.        Empowering Women In India – Some Issue and Options Babita


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