2012 April Vol VIII – 1

2012 April

Vol. VIII- 1

Sr.No. Title Author
1.      Contemporary Relevance of Nehruvian Principles on world Peace Dr. P. Moorthy
2.        National Interest and International cooperation : The Security Dilemma and Drug trafficking in the Golden Triangle Dr. Santishree D. Pandit

Dr. Rimli Basu

3.        Human Society of the Present and Earlier ages: Challenges, Responses and Predicaments Dr. Brahm Swaroop Agarwal
4.        Challenges before National Integration and communal harmony in India: A study of Student`s Perceptions  Renu

Sarbjit Singh

5.        Impact of NREGA on Women : A Pilot Study Dr. Joyati bhatacharya
6.        Special Economic Zones In India: An Overview Dr. Emanual Nahar

Manish Kumar

7.        Human Rights in India – An analysis Dr. Devinder Singh
8.        Reservation and Rights to Equality Dr. Kuwar Vijay Pratap Singh
9.        Gandhian Perspective: A Silver Lining on Educational Landscape Vanila
10.    The Office of Prime Minister During Nehru Regime Dr. Dinesh Arora
11.    Fourth Delimitation Commission : The Emergent Issue Rittu Khosla
12.    Role of Judiciary in Protecting the Human Rights of Prisoners in India Kamla
13.    Role of Panchayats in Rural Development Balvinder kaur